I’m Greg Salvesen and my obsession is trail running. In high school, I was never much of a runner, preferring to spend my summer vacations skateboarding. I would run for fun occasionally throughout college and ran my first half marathon during my junior year at the University of Michigan in 2008. When I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2009 for graduate school in astrophysics, I ran loads of half marathons and some marathons until I met a certain special idiot, who took me on my first proper trail run in 2010. With one bad influence came many more and I found myself “racing” all of the time. Arguably, my running is a logical progression (13.1 mi → 26.2 mi → 50 km → 50 mi → 100 km → 100 mi → 200 mi → 888 km → 6 days), though I don’t quite understand why the next notch is always a distance doubling. I’m excited, albeit a tad terrified, to see what happens next with this running nonsense. However, I do insist that these 100+ mile races are a lot of fun…at least for a little while.

Photo credit: Phil Armitage

Photo credit: Phil Armitage

Surprisingly to me, there has been some interest in some of my running stuff.

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  1. Hey Greg,
    I’m running the 48hr at Pickled Feet next week and wanted to thank you for your detailed report. The one thing that did concern me a bit was your comment regarding a lack of vegetarian options at the aid station. I’m flying in from Toronto, and being a veghead myself I have some concerns. I was wondering if you might have a couple of minute to chat sometime this week. I’d love an opportunity to pick your brain. I’ve run a bunch of 100 milers but this will be my first multi day event and the first time I’ll push past 100m. My goal is somewhere north of 150m but as you discovered last year, and as I’m sure I’ll discover in the not too distant future, the best laid plans…
    Hope you might have a few minutes for an old trail runner.

    Rich Humber
    C 416 886 9774


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